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interpreting is a growing profession that targets the sectors of health care, education and human and social services. In the past, family and friends used to interpret in these settings

With increased patronage, place and nature of these conferences has changed significantly. Continuing medical education that took place in early austerely by medical colleges on campus are organized by private physicians in seven hotels and even luxury cruises. Sponsors thus have an important voice in the selection of topics and speakers to be invited. Knowledge cannot be conducted impartially on stage. In recent years, the interests of the medicative profession and pharmaceutical industries have been intertwined as never before.

One of the fundamental skills of medical translators, interpreters and bilingual providers is to know and understand the terminology used by health care professionals. It is necessary that they are familiar with the words? basic components in English as much as in their second language. During these two days participants will learn about the basic components of English medical terminology, and how to use them to construct the meaning of such medical terminology. The program introduces most common prefixes and suffixes, as well as roots that are related to the human anatomy. In addition, this